TV Series Characters Logos
Fictional logos based on famous TV series characters.
Some logos are based on characters actual jobs,
others are based in their passions.
Personal project. Just for fun.
Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother
Rick Grimes - The Waliking Dead
Tony Soprano - The Sopranos
Charlie Harper - Two and a Half Men
Ross Geller - Friends
Joey Tribbiani - Friends
Frank Underwood - House of Cards
Hank Schrader - Breaking Bad
Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory
Howard Wolowitz - The Big Bang Theory
Hank Moody - Californication
Ted Mosby - How I Met Your Mother
Dexter Morgan - Dexter
Gregory House - House
Don Draper - Mad Men
Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad
Walter White - Breaking Bad
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