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    Audrey Aquino Demo Reel 2014
2014 Reel compiled work from the past three semester at Ringling College. A combination of freelance, class assignments, and personal projects. Thank you for watching!
Ringling College Film Opener (2014) with Viraj Ajmeri, Jason Beale, Carlos Enciso, and Dakota Hopkins
1960's: Movie Timeline (2014) 
Fund The Arts PSA (2013) with Carlos Enciso 
Baltimore Orioles Jumbotron Graphics (2013)
Intimacy: CSULB 24 Hour Challenge (2013) with Jason Beale, Audrey Aquino, Dakota Hopkins, and Andrew Selvaraj
Origins Exhibition (2013) with Jason Beale
Salsa Jacuzzi: ABC iPhone App (2013)  
Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon logo build (2013)
Elements Commercial: Sarasota Film Festival (2012) with Jason Beale
Alexander Calder MoMA (2012) 
Special thanks from the overwhelming support from family, friends, and the motion design faculty at Ringling College. Thank you!