uSell 2013 – Full Process
In 2013 I was comissioned to redesign the uSell logo, a service which "turns your used phone into cash." It doesn't get any better than that right?  I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to work on this project. Such a nice brand… and an even nicer group of very smart folks.

 This time I decided to add the entire process here...
Below are the very boards I shared with the clients. Starting from the first meeting all the way to the Guidelines and some usage examples. I'm sharing the good and the not so good without hesitation.
These first boards are part of the initial color exploration.
We were trying to differentiate uSell by finding the holes (opportunities) across the competitive landscape.
This one was created to try and decide on how we would captalize the wordmark.
Pairing down styles mostly to set client's expectation and avoid going back later.
The indispensible word association cloud.
These were the very first "throw at the wall" sketches :)
There's always a lot of sketching... this is probably half of it.
The final guidelines
And finally... this guy. :)
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