Peacock Chair

Peacock Chair

Peacock chair was designed in response to the recent world wide adoption of working from home. This adjustment has been difficult for people for a variety of reasons.  The main issues the chair addresses are: privacy, distractions, noise, and the ability to maintain a work/life balance.
Theatrical Shroud

One of the defining features of this chair is the shroud. This pleated felt can be kept in a downwards position when the chair is being used during a more casual time. When in this state, the person seated is more exposed to the environment/people around them and the space the chair lives in is less divided.
Private Space

When the shroud is flipped upwards, a personal and private space is created that is perfect for working. This can also signal to others that you may be in the middle of an important task. The pleats on the shroud also add a significant amount of surface area to help with dampening noise.
Peacock Chair