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Havaianas Galaxy NFT

Character Design
Havaianas nft 
As the commissioned artist with Havaianas, I have recently completed Havaianas’ 2nd NFT series release – the Flakkies! It is a proud moment to be involved with this amazing project and engaging with the talented Havaianas team. I was onboard from conceptualization to design, and final renders for these 16 unique characters. A truly fun project!
As Havaianas has a strong beach presence, the characters revolved around the ocean and eventually evolved to their own planets in the form of a crab, lobster, octopus and jellyfish.
Paying close attention to the characters and you will find the Havaianas signature shapes hidden throughout their form and textures!
Havaianas' Galaxy

The Havaianas Galaxy is made up of 4 planets, which have different rarities:

Planet Kosmik (rarity1)
This planet prioritizes welcoming and connections between beings, providing one of the most incredible feelings: Freedom!​​​​​​​
Planet Palpet (rarity2)
The living (and non-living) creatures from this planet are benevolent and altruistic about environmental and social issues. Thai are always showing concern regarding the well-being of everyone around them.

Planet Rebel-D (rarity 3)
The Planet Rebel-D is known by its freedom soul, with residents echo have revolutionary and bold lifestyles. Norms and standards are the ones to be broken in this place.

Planet Epik (rarity 4)
This planet is for the curious and trailblazers, who are dedicated to discovering new places and cultures. They have nothing but autonomy, ambition and a pair of Havaianas on their feet. Independence is their motto.
More info about the project:

Discord community link: https://discord.gg/havaianas

NFTh is an exclusive Havaianas token that submerged on the web 3 universe, it offers a cool lifestyle, unique benefits and experiences for holders who search for
a light and fun community with a closer relationship with the brand universe.

One day, some unusual creatures crash into this galaxy: the Flakkies. During their journey in this metaverse, they inhabit four planets while acquiring unique characteristics from each of them.

Flakkies Kind One
Havaianas NFT Collection - Flakkies.

Flakkies are very special creatures from a far away galaxy, each of them with different and unique characteristics. Flakkies came to life to bring Havaianas to the metaverse.

On their journey through the metaverse, they transit between different planets with the mission of setting people free, making their day to day lighter and colourful. Always with a style that doesn't go unnoticed.
Havaianas Galaxy NFT

Havaianas Galaxy NFT

As the collaboration artist with Havaianas, I have recently completed Havaianas’ 2nd NFT series release – the Flakkies! It is a proud moment to b Read More