The next package of everyday goods we purchase will remain in nature much longer than the time we take to consume it; even longer than our own lives! This is terrifying.
If we care for the future generations, and desire to see the condition of our planet improve, we should start with small steps.

Let us start where we can by being thankful and so protect nature as she gives life and nourishment.

By replacing everyday plastic packaging and creating new habits, we are playing our part in making regenerative consumption accessible to all consumers. These are first steps towards healing our world.

We offer a sustainable shopping experience with our simple and eloquent design, drawing shoppers to take their first step to a world of difference. Buyers receive not only eco-packaging with stickers to use on their glass jars, but also instructions helpful to continuing a sustainable lifestyle.

The “THANK YOU” on the jars will in turn be a daily reminder from nature to: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Brand Strategist: Lusie Grigoryan 
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan 
Designer: Mane Budaghyan 
Video: Sakah Zarbabyan

Thank You

Thank You


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