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    Category: watch Client: / Completed: 2006 - 2011
Tima is a watch that meets the needs of people who do not want to choose between a digital display and a classic view of the time (with needles). Both displays can be adjusted simultaneously on the same hour, or indicate two different time zones. This display can also alternate the two types of visualization. Thanks to the technology of ePaper, characters can be displayed on the curved surface of the watch.
Early in 2011 I have been contacted by Jonathan Cohlmeyer Interactive Designer from Sheridan College. He was working on a sport watch that needed to have a large screen to display his interface. He contacted me to see if he could use my Tima project by changing the interface to meet the needs of his project. I found particularly interesting the fact that my design was going to be "re-interpretated" based on new way of using it.

"PulsWatch is the ultimate social sports tracker. This watch is a fictional product I dreamed up to help runners like myself keep track of their runs and encourage each other through the use of social media.
The project was done as my independent project while in the Sheridan Web Design program. The process of this site included coming up with a marketing plan, site architecture, wireframes designs and building of the site." Jonathan Cohlmeyer.

Have a look on the website he created for the project presentation: PulsWatch
Industrial Design : Julien Bergignat