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Tact' Watch
Industrial Design
A great number of blind people use watches whose glass can be lifted so that blind people can know what time it is from the position of the needles, their fingertips slipping over the dial. But once the needles are shifted and even if they do it carefully the needles may be deformed if not broken, which increases the fact of making mistakes. 
The word «TIME» is inscribed in Braille characters as the first benchmark (indicating the direction of reading). The hours are marked by the central circle with a point larger than the secondary circle showing the minutes.
This watch shows the advantage of using Braille, as tactile landmarks, which replaces the needles by sensory points to enable the blind to know how to tell the time. I designed this watch as a useful object of everyday life. Its form and appearance contribute to the integration of blind people in the outside world.
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Industrial Design : Julien Bergignat
Tact' Watch


Tact' Watch

Category: watch Client: / Completed: 2007