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NexCell® Nature X Future Film.

嶄新次世代製程 NexCell®,以『Nature X Future』為核心理念,透過物理性發泡取代傳統化學發泡,創造 100%可回收、零廢棄物的循環再生製程,為相關產業提供更富未來性的新方案。

此次 JL DESIGN 以『RENEW』為題,連結大自然永續循環意象與 NexCell® 核心理念以及新製程的各環節。透過有機的真實影像結合數位 CG 的產品製程,視覺化『Nature X Future』,既深化 NexCell® 專業可靠並且具有前瞻性形象,也幫助客戶更直覺的溝通此新製程的特性。

" Nature X Future " as the core idea, A brand new manufacturiong process NexCell substsituting traditional Chemical Foaming with Physical Foaming. It's create a regeneration process which is 100% recyclable and zero waste also be able to provide related industries a more futuristic suggestion.

JL DESIGN seizing the idea : " RENEW ", To connect an image which is all nature are cirulating and the core idea of NexCellThrough an organic-realistic film and combining digital CG , It can visualize the " Nature X Future " also emphasize professional and prospective image of NexCell. To Help our customer comunicate the new feature of this new processing.

Process + Styleframe​​​​​​​


This film is starting from the raw material through the new process then bringing possibility of drwa on life. 
By countinuosly recycling、breaking down and reducing , making the material into the next outset of circulating.


我們挑戰還原了物理發泡的材質質感以及其特別的物理特性。 透過創造不同情境的空間,來連結產品與生活結合的可能。

We're tring to reduce the texture of physical foaming and it unique physics.
Creating multiple diffrent space, to make a possibility that is uniteds in wedlock of product and life. 


創意指導 Creative Director:蔡卓翰 Johan Tsai、魏良恩 Lance Wei
專案總監 Head of Project Management:蔡佳穎 Chiaying Tsai
專案管理 Project Management:林志翰 Ryan Lin、洪怡君 Anne Hung、黃品綺 Pinchi Huang
美術指導 Art Director:魏良恩 Lance Wei、齊慕夷 Morris Chi
動畫師 Motion Design:齊慕夷 Morris Chi、林俊德 Junde Lin
應用設計製作 Application Design:盧思勻 Sia Lu、林義軒 Ihsuan Lin

3D 設計師 3D Artist:江敬 Gene Jiang、曾皓威 Ian Tseng、羅紹文 Kevin Lo、林聖智 Sid Lin
合成 Compositor:程漢傑 Hank Chen、江敬 Gene Jiang
特效 VFX:林秉言 Ping-Yen Lin、羅紹文 Kevin Lo、周曦哲 Hsi-Che Chou
專案管理 Project manager:蘇韻如 Sophie Su

風格設定 Main Style:Fluent Studio

聲音設計 Music & Sound Design:彭郁哲@聽聽海波浪有限公司 Pongo @HyperLung Audio Production Studio