see nothing volume tre
See Nothing volume tre is a digital magazine containing a collection of graphic experiments, visual reflections and interactive proposals in the sphere of non-visibility and seeing nothing, reconstruction and rejection of visual clichés, and the absurdity of confusing the signified and the signifier, in a continual process of reciprocal transformation among traditional and new media.

The concept behind the project is the brainchild of the Jekyll & Hyde graphic design studio, which asked established and up-and-coming graphic designers, illustrators and photographers from Italy and across the globe to present their points of view on the topic. 

See Nothing Volume Three contains projects by: Alizarina, Giacomo Bagnara, André Bergamin, Elena Bonanomi, Carnovsky, Pietro Cocco, Fatomale, Francesca Ferrari, jekyll & hyde, Marco Fornasier, Vincenzo Lanziello aka Lovo, Silvio Lorusso, Niccolò Mazzoni, Francesco Meneghini + Francesco Mantovani, Marco Nicotra, Jorge Pomareda, Stefano Rovai, Alessandro Ripane, Giuliana Tammaro, Lucille Tenazas, Ania Wawrzkowicz + Linnea Apelqvist, Jasper White.

Introduction by
Federico Leoni

Comments by
Alessandro Petetta
see nothing volume tre - cover
see nothing volume tre - index
see nothing volume tre - analog collages - marco nicotra
We often see much more / in other people’s eyes / than they see themselves.
see nothing volume tre - sbandieratori - jekyll & hyde
United Europe. Really? / Really Europe. United? / Itedun Opeeur. Allyre? / Aylrel Peerou. Duntie?
see nothing volume tre - suiseky - jekyll & hyde
Philosophers call them meditation stones. / Children call them colourful stones to play with.
At the end of the day, they call them the same thing.
see nothing volume tre - puppet master - jekyll & hyde
Drawing Pinocchio with our eyes closed. / What log was he carved from? / It is difficult to picture, even with Photoshop. / Because the original block is in our imaginations, memories and roots stretching back 
to our childhoods.
see nothing volume tre - puppet master - jekyll & hyde
see nothing volume tre - tap - jekyll & hyde
Screens today have hard lives. / It’s touch and go at times. 
see nothing volume tre - vertical interface
see nothing volume tre - 7 postcard - alessandro ripane
The fluidity of being. / It is difficult to draw the line between tears, trickles of rain, beads of sweat and liquefied features.
see nothing volume tre - opere in prestito - jekyll & hyde
Colour histogram of a work of art. / It could just as easily represent the heartbeat of an onlooker, the noise of the steps of the crowd around it, or the vocal track in the room. / Whatever it may be, it exists unique and inimitable.
Maybe even more so than the work itself.
see nothing volume tre - identità - jekyll & hyde
What a handsome boy! / Who did he get his eyes from? / His mum, his dad, his uncle, his friends,
his cousin’s nephew’s carer’s aunt’s husband.
see nothing volume tre - untitled - giacomo bagnara
Right from our childhoods, / we devour everything that we like with our eyes.
see nothing volume tre - to see a man about a horse - andré bergamin
Behind the shadows, are there really looks and laughter, drinks and manes, dollars and dinner jackets? 
We will never know.
see nothing volume tre - erasing - jekyll & hyde
You can delete anything. / Just make sure that the empty space you leave is not more prominent than what 
was there before.
see nothing volume tre

see nothing volume tre

See Nothing volume tre is a digital magazine containing a collection of graphic experiments, visual reflections and interactive proposals in the Read More