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    The "It Lives In You" campaign celebrates the Lion King Traveling Broadway show. Watch as the musical jumps off-stage and into the city of Atlant… Read More
    The "It Lives In You" campaign celebrates the Lion King Traveling Broadway show. Watch as the musical jumps off-stage and into the city of Atlanta. Read Less
Client: The Lion King on Broadway Traveling Show: Atlanta
Tagline: It lives in you.
Creative Insight: The Lion King on Broadway is a well known staple of New York City. Little do people know, the musical is internationally on the prowl.
Idea: The Lion King on Broadway is leaving it's footprints across the globe as it travels world-over. 
By using the "Proclaim Your Spirit of the Pride Land" augmented reality feature on the microsite, guests are invited to a one-of-a-kind Lion King event, coming to a city near them.
Sidewalk Takeover
The Lion King on Broadway is introduced to Atlanta by a series of footprints from animals that hail from the pride lands.
These footprints will progress over the course of a week, gradually taking over the sidewalk and leading curious explorers to The World of Coke (the official drink of Broadway) where an exclusive Lion King event will soon be held.
Microsite Opening
Watch as Mufasa's face appears in the ripples as he invites you into the microsite.
Upon entry to the microsite, guests are invited to proclaim their spirit animal. By using a webcam or cellphone, participants can watch as an augemented reality feature projects a familiar Lion King character onto their face.
The results page will feature your "spirit persona" along with an invitation to the event.
"Come celebrate the arrival of the king at The World of Coke, April 9th 2014. Use your Spirit of the Pride Land persona to take part in a one of a kind festival of rhythm and lights. After the sun has set upon Atlanta, Pride Rock will rise."
Read cast bios and look up tour dates.
Social Media
Instagram provides a place where participants can post their personas, generating buzz.

Chosen for it's resemblance to Pride Rock and affiliation to Broadway, The World of Coke (ATL) would host  the Lion King event, allowing all attendees to "witness the birth of a king". Guests would locate the footprints which correlated to their personal "Spirit of the Pride land" persona, on one of  four light-up dance pads.

By activating the pads, speakers would begin to play music from the Broadway show. The more interaction with the pads, the louder guests would hear music. Once the volume has reached it's peak, a magnificent lightshow will be activated, projecting itself upon the building.
Event Storyboard
Watch as attendees unknowingly participate in re-creating the most iconic scene from The Lion King on Broadway.
Gaze into the mirror, a gust of vapor will be released - revealing that Mufasa lives within you.
An angled, see-through fiber-optic billboard will be placed high above the streets of Atlanta, depicting the newfound guardian of the city, Mufasa.
Art Direction: Anna Sasser
Copywriting: Brendan McWhirk