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Vita is the leading italian non profit magazine. Vita features the stories of the social innovation protagonists.
Vita, the italian leading non profit magazine. Vita features the stories of social innovation protagonists. It prints 30,000 copies per month. 
I have redesigned Vita in 2014 with the objective is to find new design solutions and to better adapt the magazine’s overall structure to the communication needs of NGOs and social enterprises. 
Being the stories that Vita tells its readers complex and unique, illustration has an increasing role in the magazine and it is the perfect means to tell this complexity. 
As a matter of fact every month Vita features a team of illustrators who have developed a multitude of images.

Editor in Chief: Giuseppe Frangi
Art Direction: Matteo Riva
Layout editor: Antonio Mola
Editors: Mattia Schieppati, Stefano Arduini
The following are the most loved covers designed in 2013-2014
illustrators (from top left): Sarah Mazzetti (1),  Francesco Poroli (5), Marco Goran Romano (2)
Cover "Non profit +28%", designed by Francesco Poroli, was awarded the 2014 as SPD (the Society of Publication designers) Merit award for the cathegory "cover illustration".
Vita was created in 1994 as weekly newspaper. In 2012 Vita decided to become a monthly magazine.
Here how the Company logo and the magazine design planning has changed.
We have decided to develop our magazine by using the same typography that Vita adopted in 2010 with the last re-styling of the weekly newspaper. It was based on three font families:
Guardian Text Egyptian, Guardian Egyptian, Guardian Sans Headline 
We included three new typefaces in the monthly redesign, one for titles and two for textes and numbers.
(Guardian Text Sans, Guardian Agate, Guardian Sans XCondensed)
Here some type tester.
Cover story: an example of the Aprli 2014 issue, illustrated by Marco Goran Romano.
The magazine index starts with a short abstract about the cover story.
In the cover story we always structure the opening pages with giant typography and illustrations.
First page of the magazine is dedicated to Vita Executive Editor's viewpoint
4WEEKS: short news and opinions from the Third Sector world. Here is the cover.
4WEEKS double spread best practices.
4WEEKS presents singular opinion pages (yellow background). Every opinion page is focused on a specific topic. Here some guest contributors, from top left: Franco Bomprezzi, Luca De Biase, Maurizio Crippa, Giacomo Poretti, Antonio Messina.
Those portraits were sketched by Giovanni Pastori.
4WEEKS top of pages is used for photos and short simple infographics.
To celebrate Vita 20th anniversary, the editor in chief Giuseppe Frangi commissioned to some illustrators to imagine "what Vita is". We have named this section as "Visions of Vita".
This page example is designed by Giordano Poloni. The following from left are Francesco Poroli, Giacomo Bagnara, Sergio Membrillas.
Stories from the magazine.
More opening pages from the stories.
And some special illustrated stories.
In order: Giacomo Bagnara, Stefano Marra, Francesco Poroli. 
COME SI FA is the section dedicated to NGOs and social enterpises.
The following section is dedicated to the "Experts" and their aswers to our readers.
The section is illustrated by Giovanni Pastori. In the last two issues he has decided to develop a more personal style of the illustration by using paper cutting.
This is a sample advertisement page to communicate our values. Designed by Giacomo Bagnara.