Call for Type. New Typefaces / Neue Schriften.
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    Call for Type. New Typefaces / Neue Schriften. New software programmes have fundamentally changed the design of typefaces. They have led to an e… Read More
    Call for Type. New Typefaces / Neue Schriften. New software programmes have fundamentally changed the design of typefaces. They have led to an enormous increase in typeface production, which, however, can also be confusing. While there was a production of only a few hundred typefaces in the 1970s, you can choose among ten thousand fonts today – and there is an upward trend. Each development of type is a search for a specific conveyance of messages and intentions (it does not matter whether only a cut or a comprehensive type family is referred to). Many display fonts represent individual, artistic ways of expression. But some of the designs also focus on particular questions like those of legibility, simplicity, and functionality. In addition to that, a high degree of expressive independence can be the driving force for their creation. So the reflection on written text beyond the alphabet is an essential motivation presenting itself with fonts that show the nature of sign systems. Moreover, distribution channels have completely changed. Today, typefaces are offered and marketed online so that they can be easily acquired and quickly used – and what is the result of this fact? It makes amazingly fond of experimenting with typography and creates trends which are changing at an increasingly faster pace and which are apparently influenced by the overreaching ambition to develop always something new. But it becomes clearly apparent that a young type design scene has recently begun to establish itself. These type designers, who have a perfectly functioning network, strive for more than individual design experiments or a trendy «hype». So it is with serious enthusiasm that these young designers develop body copy fonts or rework historical typefaces. – They aim at fundamental statements, and by the use of these they want to gain professionalism in their field under new technical and aesthetic conditions. During the preparatory stage of the exhibition, the «Open Call for Type» calls on young – lesser-known – font designers to make an application by submitting their typeface designs. A judging panel will then choose the most interesting designs which will also be exhibited in the exhibition «Call for Type». The project «Call for Type» delivers insight into the new world of type design. It presents, in words and pictures, a time-related compilation of current positions in the field of font design. Especially eye-catching fonts are not only displayed, but also rounded off by the statements of (young) typeface designers. So these exhibits can also provide an opportunity for further reflection and discussion (for example, during the special events of the exhibition). An exhibition of the Gutenberg-Museum Museum für Buch-, Druck- und Schriftgeschichte Institut Designlabor Gutenberg Hochschule Mainz / University of Applied Sciences Mainz Conception and Project-Management: Prof. Dr. Isabel Naegele Prof. Dr. Petra Eisele Exhibition-Concept, Production & Construction: Simon Störk, Lukas Wezel ( Read Less