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Photography - People and Places
Joker and Batman, 2014 Costumed characters at the annual Night At The Museum event, Tampa History Center, 2014
Grand Central at Night, Grand Central Terminal, New York City, 1997. Shot on FujiChrome slide film with colored polarizing filter while waiting for a late-night train
Tree Frog, 2015
Tired Indian, Katonah New York 1996, after a town fire department parade
Pensive Girl, Superhero Night at Threshers Baseball stadium, 2017
Excited Boy, Superhero Night at Threshers Baseball stadium, 2017
Flash and Fan, Superhero Night at Threshers Baseball stadium, 2017
Crowd Flag, Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Game, Tampa FL 2015
Snowy Mountaintop, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, taken with colored polarizing filter
Bronx Zoo Lights #5, 1997. A long exposure with colored polarizing filter captured the blinking sequence of lights at the Bronx Zoo's annual holiday lights show. Bronx, New York 1997
Holiday Boat Parade #1, Madeira Beach, FL 2013
East Mountain Vista, East Mountain, northwestern Vermont, 1992. East Mountain used to house a self-contained radar installation, to detect incoming Soviet missiles. Once the Soviets launched Sputnik, the base became obsolete and was abandoned. The buildings remain, along with the base camp. It's a seven mile hike on foot to reach the summit.
A rugged mountain forest as seen from a ridgeline? Not exactly; it's actually a close-up of tiny mangrove reeds, about an inch high, taken on an island on Florida's Intercoastal water way, with added "noise" to give the photo a grainy effect
Costello Deflated #1, New York City, 1997. The Empire Theater on the corner of 8th Ave and 42nd St is famous for the venue at which Abbott and Costello first performed. As a national landmark, it cannot be demolished, so it was picked up and set on rails and moved 170 feet, to become part of a new theater megaplaex. Giant Abbot and Costello balloons were part of the festival-like atmosphere 
Pastime, Port Chester NY 1997 A late-afternoon softball game is played before a summer evening brings the day to a close
Volunteer Firefighter, Cold Spring, NY 1997 
Shoe Man #1, New York City, 1997. While grabbing lunch in Manhattan, I saw this man with the shoe sign, chatting with the woman on the bench. I watched them through my camera and took pictures of their conversation. I have no idea what they were discussing; it was a little one-act play for which I was the only audience, in a city that never stops moving.
Shoe Man #2, New York City, 1997
Greek Church #1, St. Augustine, FL 2011
Greek Church #2, St. Augustine, Florida 2011
Residents of all five boroughs of New York City begin gathering for a huge ticker-tape parade celebrating the Yankees' World Series Win in 1996. It's only 7 am; Broadway will soon transform from this... THIS. Every square inch of sidewalk is jammed with people who came to see the parade.
Yankees Parade #10, New York City, 1996. New York City jams into lower Manhattan to celebrate the Yankees' victory in  the World Series
Yankee Fan,  New York City 1996. A New York Yankees fan  named Joe Rocco after the Yankees' ticker tape parade
Skenesborough Motors, upstate New York, 1996
Pastime, late afternoon softball game, Port Chester NY, 1996
Truck and Silo, North Hero, Vermont 1996
Child and Aquarium, Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, 2012
Firefighters, Atlanta, Georgia 2012. Firefighters respond to an elevator fire at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Atlanta
Gulfport Lights #1, Gulfport, Florida 2011
No Future, Graffiti on Berlin Wall, Berlin Germany 1992
Downtown Atlanta, 2012
Weird Al in Concert, Clearwater Florida 2012. Members of The 501st Legion join Weird Al Yankovic on stage for his performace of The Saga Begins
Marina, St. Augustine, Florida 2011
Boardwalk Pelican, 2012 Bradenton Beach, Florida
Boardwalk Pelicans, 2012 Bradenton Beach, Florida
Big Moon, Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa Florida, 2011
Thrill Ride, Dunedin, Florida 2010
Remix, Dunedin Florida, 2010
Thrill Ride #2, Dunedin Florida, 2010
Fire Pit, 2014
Evening Boardwalk, Safety Harbor, 2013
Pontiac Taillight, 2016
Grille Detail, 1957 Buick, 2016
Coat and Flag, taken after photographing local fire department parade, Katonah NY
Conversation, dolls photographed at flea market, Stormville NY 1996
Skenesborough Motors, abandoned used car lot, upstate New York, 1995
Flying Owl, Wings of Wonder bird show, Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2015
Stunt Show, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular show, Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2015
Rusty Bike, Disney's Animal Kingdom 2016
Turtle In the Sun, Chassahowitzka River, 2017
Turkey Buzzard, Chassahowitzka River 2016
Early Moonrise, Chassahowitzka River 2016
Wooden Creature, detail of log half-submerged in the river, Chassahowitzka River 2016
Abandoned Motel #1, Rt. 19 South of Perry, FL 2016
Abandoned Motel #2, Rt. 19 South of Perry, FL 2016
Photography - People and Places

Photography - People and Places

A collection of some of the best Magnum Arts photography from New York, Vermiont and Florida