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    Taking apart a fearsome Star Wars monster requires a team of handlers. This is a look at the step-by-step process
Roxy the Rancor monster is a huge replica of the monster seen in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi. Constructed of over 500 pounds of polystyrene foam, Roxy has her own Facebook page and makes appearances at conventions and special events.
The process of disassembling Roxy is no simple matter; a team of people is required to take Roxy apart piece by piece to make sure none of her individual parts are damaged.
I spent the last day of Megacon 2013 in Orlando, Florida, doing booth duty with the 501st Legion. When the convention ended, I was able to document the process of packing Roxy up for transport back home, a warehouse where she was built and is maintained.
Michael Hogan, who portrayed Colonel Tighe on the television series Battlestar Galactica, ambled over to ham it up with Roxy. Roxy attracts celebrities from various television programs and movies.
The first step in deconstructing Roxy is to cut into the seams with a long knife, breaking the gooey adhesive that holds Roxy together
One of Roxy's claws is carefully shimmied out of the slot that connects it to her arm. The process is delicate; moving the claw back and forth causes Roxy to sway
The connecting stump of Roxy's arm onto which her claw is seated
A 501st Legion member carries one of the claws out to the loading dock at the rear of the convention center
Roxy's arm is carefully separated from her body. It has to be pulled out at the right angle to prevent the body from swaying or tipping over
The cavity in which Roxy's arm is placed is now visible. Note the advesive goo residue that seals the connectiion and conceals the joint
Next, Roxy's head is removed from the torso and carefully carried out to the waiting truck. Roxy's teeth are extremely delicate; great care must be taken to avoiding dislodging them during transport
Roxy is looking a lot less fearsome now, with her head and one of her arms removed. The pieces of Roxy are set aside, waiting to be taken out to the loading dock
Support struts are placed under Roxy's torso before her legs are removed. The struts must be placed in just the right spot so that the torso does not topple over
Members of the 501st Legion carefully carry one of Roxy's arms to the truck
With both Roxy's legs removed, long metal poles are slid through the wooden frame beneath her skin. The poles will be used to carry the torso, to avoid damaging the outer body
Pieces of Roxy waiting to be carried out
At the loading dock at the rear of the convention center, one of Roxy's enormous arms is ready to be loaded into the big box truck that will take Roxy back home
Pieces of Roxy are carefully positioned so that they do not shift and become damaged during transport
Roxy's head is one of the last pieces to get loaded. Another Megacon is over, always a bittersweet moment. Now it's back to reality