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    Full process of my logo design workflow from the initial sketches to the final outcome.
About a month ago I was contacted by a member of a Swiss Soul Band called "2ForSoul". I was asked to design a logo based on my brush pen style of lettering and I was told to try to keep the organic feel of it as much as possible on the final vector work. So I jumped on it right away and as I most times do came out with a bunch of samples for them to choose from which I know sometimes can be a little confusing but its also great to see different styles and approaches of a name, here are the samples I first sent to them.
After a little time for thinking and discussing it, the guys from the band chose to try a mix of this two samples. 
Then I took it to Illustrator an after quite a lot of shaping and tweaking we finally agreed this was the final shape for the logo.
Then I decided myself to add a subtle shadow to it and even tried a couple of different 3D effects to present the final design to them.
But as in most cases simplicity is the best option, so they decided to keep the plain one with the brush feel and this is how it looks like right now on their site.
I hope you enjoyed the design process and the final outcome, I want to thank all of you for your great support and comments, its always appreciated.