Her Writing I

Her Writing II

Her Writing I is an immersive VR digital sculpture. The work uses the method of feminine writing, combining VR, digital sculpture and poetry. Using the female body as a natural scene, the work presents the common status and situation of women and nature created by the frame of consumption alienation and patriarchal society - prosperity from afar, decay up close. We try to write in a chaotic, non-linear language of jumping thoughts and feelings.

Her Writing II is an immersive VR roaming experience attempting to create dance, visuals, and sound in a chaotic, stream-of-consciousness, feminine writing style. Women's bodies are in a state of 'constant becoming' like vibrant matter. They are never static or inert, but instead are a site of process and change. Through vibrant matter, women are constantly stretching and transcending the boundaries of their bodies. Some body parts allow for the interpenetration between the external world and the internal body. By emphasizing these body parts, we create a world in which the strict division of the perfect body is erased and everything is both unified and contradictory. The work conveys our thoughts on the autonomy of the female body and our resistance to the capitalist gaze.


Awake from sleep,
I hear the grass tinkling
Upon those shiny, colourful greens,
Are discarded garbage and rubber,
And rotten burgers and butter
Decaying and invading
Growing and dying
I see a bright, dazzling light
Is that the sun?
Is that metal?
Or is that the fluorescent powder covering my eyes?
My skin is eroded
My body is bound
Reason, rules and order
Who is speaking?
Who is lying?
Who is crying?


Her Writing

Her Writing



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