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Invisible Construction Sites

General View of the Construction Fence
What is the Invisible Construction Worksite
“Invisible Construction Worksite” is a concept developed by İyiofis in collaboration with Gülermak specifically for the Krauseparken area of Copenhagen with the intention of minimizing the negative impact of construction works to the surrounding neighborhood.
The designer and the contractor have understood the crucial role of the Krauseparken to the surrounding neighborhood . Construction works, preventing the residents from using their park, will negatively affect the area and will cause negative reactions against the Metro from the locals. Invisible construction sites concept is developed to reverse this reaction.
Current Uses of the Park
Proposed Layout During the Construction
Vertical and Horizontal Layout of Proposed Functions

How to Provide Involvement

It is known that, local communities feel that their views are undermined when they do not have a chance to be involved during the processes of decision making regarding constructions in their neighborhood. We would like to use the equipped fence wall as an opportunity to improve the possibility of communicating and involvement with the residents.

We have employed two different key facilities to enhance communication and involvement. First, at the side corners of the site, we will be providing observation decks which facilitate climbing above the fence and peeking into the construction’s progress. This way we hope for people to follow the ongoing development and be aware instantly. Welcoming graphics and phrases will be employed to encourage people to climb on the decks.

The second key element is to place communication desks underneath the observation decks. These areas will provide all information regarding previous decisions and upcoming meetings via flyers and posters. These desks will be placed under a canopy, providing an attractive shelter for the visitors.
We believe in the power of good design in communication. Through hip and stylish graphics along with good architecture, we will make both these facilities attractive to residents, and get them involved in the development of their neighborhood. We believe this approach will mutually benefit the employer, contractor and the residents.
Cafe on the Fence
Standard Modules
Observation Deck and Information Desk
An observation deck is attached to the fence. Proposed functions are as follows in the site arrangement order: Information Desk, Observation Deck, Greenery, Basket Hoop, Perpendicular Benches, Parallel Benches, Greenery, Temporary Exhibition Wall, Dog Park, Observation Deck, and Information Desk. Local plants that will last the Copenhagen winter will be chosen for the greenery. Drip hoses will be installed for the automatic watering system to operate. Watering will be kept to a minimum level, selection of local plants will be an efficient way of reducing water usage.
Temporary arts gallery will be ran in collaboration with the local art community. Replicas of art works or information on museum exhibits will be exhibited here. A bi‐monthly changing exhibit will keep the fences alive and active while keeping the residents curious and involved.
Temporary Museum
How Invisible Construction Worksite Works

Our first analysis of the Krauseparken shows that there are several essential uses of the park. These functions are; resting, picnics, meeting friends on the benches, walking dogs, basketball, a safe area for the kids. Most importantly, the main characteristic of all these functions is to provide the residents a place to spend time within their neighborhood. This makes the streets livelier, consequently transforming the area to a safer, friendly and a thriving neighborhood. Due to this foresight, keeping the residents happy in their own neighborhood during the construction has become our goal. In other words, Invisible Construction Sites is a measure to keep the neighborhood inhibited, preventing the imidiate vicinity the construction site from becoming desolate during the works being exectured.

In an effort to keep these functions alive during the 3 years of construction works, we are proposing to place these functions onto the surface of the construction fence. Especially focusing on the facade facing non‐motorized traffic. Construction fences will be widened to 1 meter in depth and various functions ranging from benches to greenery will be installed within this depth. During the construction these functions will aim for the neighborhood to continue thriving.

Wall surface has been divided into sections of 10 meters. Each function takes up this reserved space. Overall arrangement of the functions along the wall is shown in the image below.
Custom Patterning on Specific Areas
Invisible Construction Sites

Invisible Construction Sites

Invisible Construction Sites in Copenhagen in collaboration with Gulermak.