Sundfrakt – 2013 Annual Report

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  • Sundfrakt – 2013 Annual Report 
  • Founded in 1961, Sundfrakt is a Swedish corporate group working in logistics and transportation. The group consist of eight affiliates and have a yearly turnover of  >1 billion SEK.
    For their 2013 annual report I, through Accidens, had the pleasure to redesign the whole thing. With a sleek and modern design – through clean typography arranged in a specially developed double-grid system together with distinct but faded photography and a simple and clear colour scheme – the report is carried out in a contemporary but yet lasting and timeless look.
    Among other things and in addition to all the mandatory elements the report features a comment by the CEO and an article on the corporate group’s core values. It further presents the board of directors and the overall corporate structure.
    Whichever way you choose to read it – from cover-to-cover, the three-year-old-style (solely looking at the pictures), upside down or even backwards, and whether you’re average Joe or a zealed and experienced economist – we hope you’ll enjoy.