Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul
Capital of the world
Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Throughout the ages under whatever name Istanbul has never lost it’s mysticism and beauty. And not without reason Napoleon once said that if the whole world would be one continent, Constantinople would be it’s capital.
With it’s twenty million people the city is alive in all it’s aspects. It invites! It excites! The city inhales and exhales. It truly breathes and the people in it are the blood that’s pumping through her veins and her gigantic heart.
Istanbul is a city to discover and never to forget. So by all means: go out and walk the streets where crusaders marched long ago. Bargain in the bazaar district where things haven’t changed all that much in hundreds of years. Wander amongst the most tremendous buildings in the world and grand palaces white as snow leaving you stand in silence. Cross the Galata bridge which is like a city all on its own, get off the tram at a place you’ve never even heard of and spend the day getting lost to find your own Istanbul. Cross the mighty Bosphorus river by ferry or bridge to explore the Asian side of this metropolis. And last but not least: every once in a while, just sit back with a cup of Turkish Coffee and watch Istanbul pass by.
Then, and only then, you might have gotten some idea of what Napoleon was talking about and the oldest of memories will meet the new.