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    Why take a taxi? Because within every cab ride, is a story. YellowCabNYC specializes in getting you here to there, fast and interestingly. Explor… Read More
    Why take a taxi? Because within every cab ride, is a story. YellowCabNYC specializes in getting you here to there, fast and interestingly. Explore three of the most exciting YellowCabNYC experiences and share your own story in this new interactive campaign. Read Less
Client: YellowCabNYC
Tagline: Your story is en route.
Current Brand Perception: YellowCab is the most well-known taxi service, but not the most utilized method of transportation. The price deters people from choosing a taxi opposed to other options.
Desired Brand Perception: YellowCab makes for a more interesting, memorable ride. It's worth the money because it will be enjoyable.
Creative Insight: The most interesting thing about YellowCabNYC are the stories that take place within the course of a ride.
Idea: Find three of the most interesting stories that have ever happened within New York City YellowCabs. One story is hilarious, another romantic and the third is heartwarming. These stories are symbolized by three objects: a wedding ring, a wallet, and a cell phone. Invite the target audience to discover the objects and become a part of the journey of uncovering the stories they represent. Allow the audience to share their own hilarious, romantic and heartwarming stories for a free taxi ride.
Large video-capable signs are accompained next to podiums. Each podium contains a different narrative-based item. When a passerby activates the item, a short commerical will begin on the screen. This commercial will also be released via YouTube, to reach a bigger audience.
Commercial (audio) script
YellowCabNY Commercial Audio
There are seven billion people in the world and over eight million of them can be found in New York City. 240 million taxicab commutes take place every year in the Big Apple. Each ride is unique, with a story of it's own. And by activating the object on the podium, your story has just begun.
That object represents one of three real life experiences that took place within a YellowCabTaxi, but since every ride is a journey, uncovering these stories will be too. Look at your cell phone, America's most iconic form of transportation has just invited you along for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Where to? That's for us to know, and you to find out.
Your story is en route.
After you've seen the commercial at one of the respective sites, this push notification will pop up on your phone, acting as an inviation to follow YellowCabNY on Instagram. Instagram will act as our storytelling hub, releasing pieces of the object-based narrative each day.
Direct Mail
The Projecteo is a miniature projector, which would be mailed in part with YellowCabNY advertisements. The slides would display the same content as the commercial, but in still format. This acts as another way to excite people and generate a media buzz for the campaign.
The Projecto comes in a small box, which doubles as a viewing screen.
Social Media
After people discover the "Your story is en route" campaign, (via out-of-home, YouTube or direct mail) they will then see the stories unfold on Instagram. 
Participants are encouraged to go to the YellowCabNYC microsite where they can share one of their very own YellowCab stories, for a complimentary ride.
Art Direction: Anna Sasser
Copywriting: Brendan McWhirk