Pixellab Brand Identity

Company of creative minded.
Pixellab is a creative company that designs and implements experiences to create meaningful human interactions, and constantly seeks to explore, test, and drive new ways to push the convergence of design, technology, and the human experience.

Each project Pixellab develops considers the audience’s expectations and the surrounding context in which the project is occurring, striving to create incredible, meaningful, memorable, and breathtaking experiences, all to communicate a much larger, universally shared story.

Deep diving into Pixallab’s world.
As every project kicks off, we begin with several discovery meetings diving deep into Pixellab’s world to understand and learn all about them and their audience, what motivates them, what makes them unique, and what sets them apart.

After diving deep into Pixellab’s world and learning all about them, it becomes clear how much they value the quality and creativity in their business. Therefore, they strive to reflect these critical points in their visual brand as it will be their face in the world.

Creating a flexible yet vision-aligned brand.
The main objective and challenge were to create a brand identity aligned with the Saudi 2030 Vision, reflect their values, yet be flexible to give their creative team the creative freedom to take the brand to the next level in terms of implementation and won’t be limited while evolving their business.

Pixels inspired visual system.
After deep diving into their business in the discovery and research phase, I started by connecting the dots on the sketchbook, brainstorming, and exploring different solutions leading to a pixels-inspired and surprising, modern brand-mark and visual system, but not the usually overused pixels approach.

To make the system even more flexible, I created a broad, colorful, and harmonious color palette. In addition, I picked a variable multi-language typeface that supports Arabic & English with a few style sets to make it modern, avoid Helvetica’s classical look, and communicate effectively.

The visual system is created to give Pixellab’s creative team the freedom and not limit their creativity so they can take the brand to the next level.

Design & Art Direction—
Brand & Packaging Designer
Yassine Basraoui / BASRAOUI™ Studio

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Pixellab Brand Identity


Pixellab Brand Identity

Pixellab is a creative firm that designs and implements experiences to create meaningful human interactions using design and technology.