Glenhaven Foods Commercial

Welcome to Glenhaven
WindMill Lane Creative were delighted to team up with the lovely agency folk at 'In the Company of Huskies' to help develop and craft the first TVC for Glenhaven Foods, Co. Wicklow. It's always a pleasure to bring a creative script to life and this project was just that, a classic fairy-tale story re-imaged with humour and love. 

Welcome to Glenhaven, we hope you enjoy!
Our starting point for this project were the beautiful original illustrations created by the Irish artist Anne O'Hara. Anne was first employed by Glenhaven foods to help craft their logo and initial package designs. This comprised of small rural features such as the Cahils farmhouse, the company family name, and indeed the characters of the Cahill family themselves. 

Our job was to pick up where Anne had stopped, create further and expand her illustrations into a fully rounded landscape and world.
For this process we worked with our amazing digital artist from Norway, Michelle Tolo. She used Anne's illustrations as an inspiration and created our first initial landscape still.
The Three Bears house
The endframe lock up still design.
The four characters are based on the Cahills family, the owners of the Glenhaven foods LTD company. Anne O'Hara beautifully crafted this style and it gave us loads of inspiration to further craft and bring to life through 2d animation. 

For direction, we wanted the families actions and animations to feel informal and warm, to let the viewer feel at ease watching a familiar Irish scene play out. Our amazing team of 2d animators, Qais Sarhan and Milllie Woodcock, completely owned this role and did an amazing job bringing these nuances to life.
Character Animation
The Process
We at WML always wanted to bring something new and fresh to this creative process, this being our ambition, we choose to incorporate a process that involved both 2d and 3d storytelling. A combination that allowed us to be more playful with the camera direction and general edit and aesthetic.
We took our illustrations, deconstructed them into layers and repurposed them into fully 3d environments. By doing this we could move with correct parallax, wipe and spin the camera and add depth of field effects.
Finally we added small cell animated flourish's and details, giving us that extra touch to help give that human touch.

Client: Emma Cahill, Brand Director, Glenhaven Foods.
Agency: In the Company of Huskies
Agency Creative Director: Liam Olding & Nick Kelly
Agency Head of Production: Brian Daly
Agency Producers: Anna Hickey, Jane Adams
Agency Business Director: Christabel Fernandez
Agency Senior Account Executive: Chloe Bates

WML Creative Directors: Donal O'Keeffe, Manus Goan
WML EP: Jess Felton
WML producer: Emily Burke
2d Animators: Qais Sarhan, Milllie Woodcock
DMP and Concept artist: Michelle Tolo
Design and Animation: Donal O'Keeffe, Aidan O'Leary, Manus Goan
Sound Design: Folding Waves, Tom Morris
Glenhaven Foods Commercial

Glenhaven Foods Commercial

Bringing the classic fairytale of Goldilocks back to life with beautiful illustrations of Michelle Tolo, animation by Qais sarhan and Millie Wood Read More