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Phx Zine Fest Branding and Redesign

PHX Zine Fest
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This was a final project for course GIT 303: Digital Publishing at Arizona State University. The project required 4 different pieces of collateral for either a fabricated or real conference. The 4 pieces of collateral required were an informative brochure, table topper, event badge, and web banner.

I decided to redesign the branding for a real zine festival held in Phoenix every September: Phx Zine Fest. Local artists and designers have the opportunity to sell their handmade zines to the community over a weekend. Since zines are traditionally done in print, I decided to use CMYK as the color palette. I looked at the current and past Phx Zine Fest logos as well as the current branding on their website. Zines can have a handmade quality like being hand-drawn or a collage, so for the visual identity I thought that could pair nicely with the color palette choice. I included grid patterns, ripped paper, and the ransom note effect in a collage style to get this across.

This is a fun and different type of conference and my goal was to have that come across in the design. Those attending could come away with a brochure similar to what they were there for, zines.
Phx Zine Fest Branding and Redesign


Phx Zine Fest Branding and Redesign