Ámina Pallarés (text) 
Spellucci, Simone (illustration/idea) 
Isla Calamidad (Calamity Island) 
Tres Tigres Tristes, Sevilla, 2021 

The island of Dominica inspired us to create this picture book. 
The narrative resembles a mythical tale from long ago, even while it is also quite modern when alluding indirectly to current themes, such as man-made climate change. 
Dominica, an island in the Lesser Antilles, is of volcanic origin and blessed with rich, lush vegetation. But it is highly exposed to the forces of nature – wind, ocean, and hurricanes – which bear the names Vanté, Lanmé and Hura in the Creole language spoken there. 
The book depicts the destructive, but equally creative forces that constantly allow nature to bring forth something new. As in silk screen printing, I employs only a few colours, which partially overlap each other. 

Calamity Island


Calamity Island