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    Interactive documentary inspired by Aloe Blacc's song "The Man"
Aloe Blacc asked The Kitchen at The Martin Agency to create a music video for his song, "The Man". He came to Richmond to work with us for two days and over the course of his visit, we created stockpiles of ideas and bonded through killing most of them. By the end of his visit, we came together with one great idea. It's no longer just a music video, but an interactive documentary exploring the role of art in prison, including a live performance of "The Man" and an auction of artworks created by inmates. 

 “The Man” has a strong message of empowerment and self-confidence that anyone can relate to. Anyone at all — even those whom society has discarded or forgotten. This project seeks to bring that message of empowerment to an unlikely group of people: the prisoners. We will show that humanity can be found anywhere by bringing beautiful and personal works of art out from behind prison walls and sharing the art and the inmates’ stories with a larger audience.

We discussed various  ways to extend the interactive component of the video, such as a technological presence at Coachella and a mobile element tied to Aloe Blacc's message in "The Man". In the end, we decided to focus primarily on the documentary, which we titled "This Is Our World." 
behind-the-scenes footage from Aloe's time at The Martin Agency