9 Eyes Of Google Street View - Curation
Video by Noemi, dedosfilms
9 Eyes Of Google Street View by Jon Rafman
Art Exhibition Curation, Sid Lee Collective Gallery, Amsterdam, April 2011.
I first heard about 9 eyes from a twitter post. "this site is so addictive, can't stop scrolling!". Of course I clicked the link and was plunged headfirst into what seemed an endless stream of poetically stunning images. 

The 'ah ha moment' quickly followed when I realized that these are real, and they have been plucked from the popular mapping engine Google Street View. With this information the images' power grew exponentially, distilled into something raw, immediate and accessible to all. 

"Its anonymity reflects in the most transparent way our world. It's photography as it was intended: the least influence from the photographer, and maximum reality."

In the spirit of the Sid Lee Collective I wanted to bring to public attention the work of up and coming internet aware artist Jon Rafman. In particular his project '9 Eyes of Google Street View'. I worked in a new role for me together with Jeroen Smeets to organise and curate Jon's first solo show at the Sid Lee Gallery. We produced postcards, QR codes and a fanzine to support the event. We had over 400 RSVP's on the FB event for the opening night and Jon received interest from the Van Gogh