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Expedition Clean World
HVC Groep - Expedition Clean World

Illustrations for HVC Groep (a sustainable energy and waste company in Alkmaar and the surrounding area in The Netherlands). 

HVC asked me to think about how to tell the story of sustainable energy and reuse from a broader perspective. Creating a 'clean world' was the central theme. Below are four murals, each with a different theme for their latest exhibition.

Hidden impact
Our belongings, food and travel require much more raw materials and energy than you think. Only a small part is in actual use. Most of the impact is hidden in the production chain; from materials to transport to the consumer – and everything in between. By consciously choosing in daily life, you can already make a big difference.

Green energy 
Fossil fuels are not only finite, they also cause a lot of CO2 emissions. Clean alternatives are therefore essential in the fight against climate change. HVC is also working hard on the energy transition with energy from the sun and wind and a growing heat network. In addition, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that contribute to a cleaner world.

A clean world 
Here you can see what we do it all for. A green, clean world. We obtain energy from sustainable sources, reuse and recycle and, above all, we are careful with what we have.

Reuse and recycling
Reuse and recycling are important keys to a sustainable future. That means using things for as long as possible, but also ensuring proper waste separation. Almost three-quarters of all residual waste that arrives at HVC still consists of material that could have been recycled. Shame!


Illustration - Calvin Sprague
Creative Direction - Kossmanndejong
Client - HVC Groep
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Expedition Clean World

Expedition Clean World