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Cashew is one of the GCC’s leading “buy now, pay later” payment providers, focused on instant point-of-sale financing for both e-commerce and in-store transactions. We aim to empower 
a generational movement away from traditional credit products to more modern, faster and effective solutions. Founded in Dubai, UAE in 2020 as the fintech company that gives consumers the option to buy now, pay later through an intuitive and frictionless checkout experience.

Embacy × Cashew, 2022


The Cashew logo represents the style and the values of the brand: it's about being human, approachable, and providing endless possibilities. The cashew symbol loops in a circle of 8 to represent infinity, in shape and number. Together, the logo creates a dynamic shape reminiscent of the sun, referencing the dynamics and responsiveness of Cashew's services.


3D cashew shapes are formed from the basic cashew form in the logo icon. The 3D cashews can be composed in a completely abstract form, conveying the idea of infinite possibilities. The cashews can face inward or outward. In motion, it always starts with one cashew and multiplies to an endless number.


We use high-quality photos with studio or natural light. People look happy, confident and fashionable. No sour faces. Most people present are women, coming from varied ethnicities. The backgrounds use soft colors so text could be added quickly. No black and white style allowed.

Masking Text

We visualize the concept by masking the text. This is a variable element: it doesn't have to be used all the time. With two lines, the second should always start with the cut off piece of the first one.

Nikita Sobolev

Denis Zatsepilin, Daria Barbariush

Valeria Matsueva, Victoria Ippolitova, Andrei Kriuchenko

Ivan Mukhortov

Sasha Korshenyuk & Masha Roshka

Production on Webflow
Nikita Zinevich

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Cashew: Brand Identity & Website