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Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse 
Reconstruction of the 1993 hypermedia narrative game by John McDaid
for contemporary computing devices
First Interaction with Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse Through Emulation and Becoming Familiar with the HyperCard System​​​​​​​
First Wireframe Concepts for the Archival Site the Game Will be Launched From

Conceptualized what would be most useful for a visitor to interact with who does not have previous knowledge about the game or author

Investigated past projects from the CMDC to consider what would be most useful to visitors of the site

Initial Landing Page Concepts

Initial Archival Site User Flow

Landing Page to Navigation Item 2 or 3

Navigation Item 2 or 3 to Item 4

Navigation Item 4 to 5 and Interaction with Game Button Launcher
The game button takes the user to an external window where the game is located

Game Interface Variants and Legacy Viewer Option with Variants

Initial Mobile Interface User Flow

Mobile Landing Page

Navigation Item 2 and Possible Third Option

Navigation Item 3

Navigation Item 4 with Alternative Layout Option

Mobile Game Interface Options

Possible Mobile Legacy Game Interface Options

Changes Made to Interface based on Feedback from Leadership
Leadership suggested more of the HyperCard theme

Adobe XD Desktop Wireframes of the Archival Site

Expanded Desktop Wireframes

Adobe XD Desktop Prototype

Adobe XD Mobile Wireframes

XD Mobile Prototype
Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse


Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse