Create Now New Creative Meet Up - Stockholm April 2nd
Michael Chaize and Rufus Deuchler gathers the Creative Jammers and presents the competition
And here are the Jammers
The theme is finally revealed: Spring, When the World's waken in the gold of new suns.
The Creative Jammers are in the cage and focusing on their creations
They have 3 hours, the clock is counting down
At the same time the VIP guest arrives 
The production team is getting ready for the live stream that is about to start at the Create Now - New Creatives Meet Up event site.
Let’s check the agenda for tonight
And get some food
Johan Lopes Helgesson is coaching. "Maybe you want to take a break and watch the keynote?"
Michael and Rufus' keynote begins, and these guys have a little surprise in mind for the audience.
Niklas Palmklint
Lars Samuelsen
Adobe Nordic Creative Talent Award 2014, Carina Nilsson and Johan proudly presents the young talents.
You will meet them again! The future belongs to these young talents.Anna Grape, Elias Klingén, och Alex Erikson. 
And the Creative Jammers are finally done with their work. Team Haivos: Ossian Veronese, Hannes Lövbacka, Vidar Francke
Team Kingdom of Something: Linn Fritz, Marcus Gestré
Team Epic Fail: Joaquim Marques Nielsen and Casper Heijkenskjold 
Team Dareville:  Greg Brown, Daniel Domermark, Patrik Janson
Team Modest & Blond: Krister Karlsson och Kristian Söreflet 
Team Haivos won the Graphic Design category
Team Epic Fail won the Motion Design category
And finally there it is time for networking and Behance Portfolio Review
Portfolio Reviews
Portfolio Reviews
And here are the results of the Creative Jam
Team: Havios
Team: Commic sans
Team: Kingcom Of Something
Team:  Epic Fail
 Team: Blond & Modest
Team: Dareville
Create Now New Creative Meet Up - Stockholm April 2nd

Create Now New Creative Meet Up - Stockholm April 2nd

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