Dubai is celebrating many festivals and one of them is their annualy Dubai Shopping Festival. We were asked to realise the image for the 2012 campaign themed "Dubai At Its Best" and so we did.

The idea was to bring all the main attractions the festival offers during its one month (!) runtime into one panoramic image.  According to the briefing the image needs to be suitable for different formats and crops.
The original sketch created by TBWA/RAAD showing a panoramic day/night scenary including the main attractions of Dubai during its annual Dubai Shopping Festival.
Print adaptions with crops out of the big panoramic.
The shooting of the single elements for the background was based on this matrix which gave an idea to find the right perspective so the parts fit together.
Work in progress.
Final background with rough color corrections.
Final artwork.
Step by step of the layered composition.
The whole street life was shot in a studio.