Novos Caminhos. Boa Viagem.
Novos Caminhos. Boa Viagem.
Creative Jam XVI Festival #CCP2014
⌦ The Creative Jam Festival is a portuguese advertising festival that awards the best work done in Portugal every year. In 2014, Leo Burnett Lisbon was in charge of its communication. We wanted to dare all the agencys to submit their best work. And we all know that, in advertising, the best work is always an original one. So, this year we defied the agencys to have a blast while creating their ideas: To have a good (creative) trip while working on their clients ideas as they go through new (creative) paths that haven't been explored before. We showed that to make an average or typical commercial, either on TV, press or outdoor, you don't have to be an advertising expert. Why? Because everyone is used to see loads of commercials with the same ideas and same executions. We tried to get this point across by having real examples of advertising ideas created by ordinary people from different areas, such as a bar owner, a carpenter or a school teacher. 
Our concept can be easily translated as: 
Everyone can go this way. Show us where you can go.
New paths. Good trip.                  
* Every press ad had a QRCode that made the link to an online video uploaded on CCP's Youtube page, so people could actually get the full story behind each ad.

☛  Print campaign  ☚
✖ Press #1: "A shampoo TV commercial created by a History professor"       ☛ QRCode links to Web film #1
✖ Press #2: "A beer ad created by a carpenter"       ☛ QRCode links to Web film #3
✖ Press #3: "A perfume TV commercial created by a bar owner"       ☛ QRCode links to Web film #5
☛  Web series  ☚
☛  The event  ☚
© António Silva's photos
Creatives Club of Portugal
Agency Leo Burnett Lisboa
Creative Direction Luciana Cani
Head of Art Nuno Salvaterra
Art Direction Leonardo Pinheiro / Guilherme Nunes
Jaime Nascimento
Design / Animation António Silva
Illustration José Gouveia
Additional derived communication materials: Manuel Crespo
Filming / Editing Hugo Lage
Sound Design Dizplay
Photography Francisco Aragão ⚑
C.B. Aragão Photography

Novos Caminhos. Boa Viagem.

Novos Caminhos. Boa Viagem.

The Creative Jam Festival is a portuguese advertising festival that awards every year the best work done in Portugal. We wanted to dare all the a Read More

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