The moon of Rohr was under the slavery of Kahor, possessor of a powerfull technology native to the second twin moon: Istaelle.

But Aldrin, a young boy looking for his origins, rise up against the tyrant and wreak havoc in the destiny of both moons.
Character design by Camille Scarella
Farfog, the market town
Aldrin's Moons is a serialized animated TV series project, for 8-10 years old and where the story is composed by 26 episodes of 26 minutes each.
Aldrin’s Moons is a throwback to the 80’s TV animated series, and mostly serialized epics like The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It mixes science fiction motifs with the flamboyant adventure and heroic fantasy feel that one can find in youth books like the Ewilan saga or His Dark Materials.
Veritable taleAldrin’s Moons is primarily here to enthrall spectators into an unique univers and into a story that they can’t forget.
As all serialized series, each episode is different. And whom says serialized series, says cliffhanger too ! In each episode, an adventure will find is outcome into the next episode. Whether on a discovery of the origins of Aldrin, a surprising meeting or the story that binds these two worldsAldrin’s Moons will keep the spectators in suspense.
The greats plains
Bardas' boat
The Kahor's fortress
Kospol, the capital
Naya fireside...
Character modeling by Cyrielle Chevallay
Character modeling by Sophie Letonturier
Fatfish Animation is a new collective made of 4 young guys passionate by animation and polygons: Fabien Weilbel, Alexandre Spontak, Antoine Marduel, and myself.
We already had to opportunity to work together and as we saw that we where quite complementary skilled, we decided to gather and unite our efforts!
You just discovered Aldrin's Moons, but it is not the only project we have! Check out these 3 other projects. We have for all tastes:
- Humor: Barababor
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- And sitcom: The Norms
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Les lunes d'Aldrin - TV Series !

Les lunes d'Aldrin - TV Series !

Les lunes d'Aldrin (Aldrin's Moons) is a 3D TV adventure serialized series project write by Yann Moriaud.


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