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    Chuck E. Cheese's is a staple of childhood, but this beloved animatronic pizza party is undeniably outdated. Born from a few modern insights we c… Read More
    Chuck E. Cheese's is a staple of childhood, but this beloved animatronic pizza party is undeniably outdated. Born from a few modern insights we created a total revamp, a narrative-driven, new-age Chuck E. Cheese's. Read Less
Client: Chuck E. Cheese's
The Problem: In 2012 Chuck E. Cheese's tried to give their brand a much needed facelift. This external renovation was a failed attempt. Audiences didn't take to the new modernized look of Chuck E., the advertising lacked substance and appeal. Business went down.

Our Solution: The renovation must be internal as well as external. Chuck E. Cheese's lacked a narrative, the characters were outdated. The once beloved "Pizza Time Players" stage show deserves an element of interactivity, just as the parents deserve a place where they can relax, and have a little fun as well.
Character Redesigns
Parallax scrolling and a simplistic layout give users a new, less complicated way to navigate through the world of Chuck E. Cheese's. The microsite is so easy to use, it's now both parent and child friendly.
Character bios
Token Redesign
The tokens now feature the iconic five Pizza Time Players, small details for big fun.
Direct Mail
Closed view.
Open view.
These mail pieces reveal the new narrative of Chuck E. Cheese's, and invite families to come and see the new changes first-hand. As added incentive, we included five tokens in each mail piece, families can countdown till their next visit, or use the tokens whenever they see fit.
Chuck E.-Watches

These are the next evolutionary step in functional fun. A child sports one, and their guardian sports the other. With the push of a button you can tell your child when your order is ready, or when it's time to leave.
These watches also act  as safety bands, each containing a sensor which will sound an alarm if your child tries to leave the premises. Lastly, the Chuck E. Watches make losing paper tickets area thing of the past, tickets are now digital and shown on the face of your watch.
Interactive Chuck E.-Pads
The interactive Chuck E.-Pads bring The Pizza Time Players show to the next level. No more sitting at your table watching, now you are part of the show! Select your instrument of choice and play along in a Guitar Hero-esque game.
Entry Redesign
As soon as you walk into Chuck E. Cheese's prepare to be thrown into a brand new narrative where you are your family are shrunken down to the size of a mouse! Now experience the word of Chuck E. Cheese's the way Chuck does himself.
Table Redesign
Play-area Redesign
The play-area has been redesigned to look like a mouse cage. Spin in the mouse wheel, or burrow through tunnels.
Ball Pit Redesign
The once bland ball pit is now a free-standing, over-sized gum ball machine. Now you're able to see your child from all angles as they play and have fun.
Pizza Time Players Stage Redesign
Restaurant Expansion
Named after the Italian chef himself, "Pasqually's" is a miniature bistro within Chuck E. Cheese's. This new expansion acts as a "parent daycare", parents are encouraged to take a breather, relax and use the complimentary Wi-Fi.
New adult appetizers will be available, for those of us with a more mature palate.
Art Direction: Anna Sasser
Copywriting: Brendan McWhirk
Illustrations: Kat Tarlowski