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    Self-initiated type wall painting in Lungsiakan, Ubud, Bali.
While in Bali for a few weeks, we were willing to meet with Balinese people and be part of the community somehow. 
We met the owner of a small motorbike shop and we suggested we could paint the shop's wall. Balinese people are fond of craft and art and we were not surprised he was really enthusiastic about it. 
Our project was to paint the wall as these famous holiday postcards "Greetings from...".
Here's our little contribution to the small village of Lungsiakan, near Ubud, in Bali.
The people from Lungsiakan were really excited about the painting and a lot of them gathered around me everyday while I was painting. They offered drinks, food, an old lady brought me that bunch of rambutan and I also met this young lady who shared some artwork with me. 
So nice to spend three days with the locals. We love the people from Bali as much as we love their homeland & plan to go back soon for more.