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    3D Animation
May 2011
VIII Circuit is an experimental three dimensional visual interpretation to The Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness theory.
The eight-circuit model of consciousness is a theory in psychology. It consists of several quantum psychological systems that unify the various interpretations of the main altered states of consciousness into one coherent meta-theory. The most basic part describes, in a simple outline, eight circuits of information (colloquially "brains") that operate within the human nervous system. Robert Anton Wilson has written about each circuit in depth and how each operates in the lives of human beings, both individually and collectively. The eight-circuit model provides a conglomerate model of several preceding and interconnecting models within some of the human and medical sciences such as psychology, neurology, sociology, anthropology (etc.) and other more "hard sciences" such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, co-mingled with spirituality.

Eight different neurological circuits (each one pertaining to a specific state of consciousness) exist, at least in latent form, in each human being, according to the model. The later fifth through eighth circuits are thought to have only recently evolved, with consequently just a moderate number of human beings using any of them, decreasing progressively with each step to a very small minority using all of them.
Direction & 3D Animation: Can Büyükberber