Entrepreneurial Incubator branding redesign to coincide with concept of "coffee shop": a casual, eclectic neighborhood gathering place where young people feel creative, social, and comfortable, which shares common traits with what Millenials seek in a work environment.
The lounge mezzanine.
Hoteling work stations and a show and tell area to drop in and pitch ideas.
An enclosed "accelerated business cluster" for more established entrepreneurs working as small firms.
Floor plan showing re-use of existing hardwood flooring and an eclectic mix of colors and materials.
Elevation and furniture selections.
A groundbreaking, redesigned adjacency diagram.
Hand-sketched vignette showing unity and variety in shapes, colors, and furniture selections.
Planning phase: criteria and adjacency matrix.
Reflected ceiling plan.
Rendered RCP.
Diagram showing majority of space receiving daylight (2 LEED points)
Diagram showing outside view from majority of regularly-occupied seats, earning for LEED credit.