– 2015
Logo for 'Sayonara' lounge beach bar, located in Nea Irakleia - Chalkidiki. The logo is actually a pun
of the word 'sayonara', a known greeting in Japanese and the word "σαγιονάρα" which in Greek slang means "flip flops".
Please see the full project here
– 2014

Logo and symbol for one of the fines hip hop danceng crews, located in Thessaloniki, northern Greece.
The name was given by the team members by voting. Although the original word carries a burden, the particular variation
differentiates on the writing, but the bold effect that it carries was something that the team wanted to be present
as the team members wanted to give a new meaning to the word: "The group which attacks on the beat and music".
See full identity here
– 2014, proposal / beetroot


Miroculus provides novel solutions for Academic Institutions, Genomic Research Centers, Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostics companies, so they can drastically improve their ability to diagnose, monitor and treat disease by radically improving how procedures and diagnostics are being done, with a single, non-invasive, accurate, decentralized and non-expensive microRNA detection platform.
Rumors two years party logo
– 2015

Rumors espresso and cocktail bar, in September 2015 had its two years birthday party. For this particular occasion
a new logo was created to celebrate and signify the success of the bar (victory hand sign) and also the two years.
Additionaly the lettering was created from rotating the number 2 so that it resembles the letter "δ" for the word "δύο" (two in Greek).
NTL chemical consulting
– 2015

NTL Chemical Consulting is a Licensing Resin Technology Provider of resin for wood-based panels such as:
Particleboard (PB), Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Plywood (PLW), Oriented Strand Board (OSB),
Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Paper Impregnation and many more. The symbol is a minimalistic depiction
of the formadehyde atom, the basic chemical formula on the field.
40 years Cedefop
– 2015 / beetroot


Cedefop is one of the EU’s decentralised agencies. Founded in 1975 and based in Greece since 1995, Cedefop supports development
of European vocational education and training (VET) policies and contributes to their implementation. The agency is helping the European Commission, EU Member States and the social partners to develop the right European VET policies. For their 40th anniversary
since their foundation, commisioned Beetroot to design the anniversary identity and publication shown here.
ELIA restaurant
– 2012 / collaboration with Nikos Athanasopoulos
Elia (olive in Greek), is a new age, mediterrenean cuisine tapas and restaurant in Ermoupolis island, Greece. In the middle of the Aegean sea,
the restaurant is located in one of the historical buildings next to the town hall - designed by Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller.
Balancing between tradition and modern culinary mindset, the logo is a stripped down to the essentials geometric type, emfazising thus to
the pure essence of the craft. The simplicity of the aegean cuisine. See the menus here as well as the launching posters here
– 2013 / collaboration with Spiros Sourlantzis
Impero wine imports is a company focused on importing Italian wines to the Greek market.
The letter form is enlongated and tall, to resemble the wine bottle. See the full project here.
Void bar
– 2009
Void bar, located in Thermi - Thessaloniki, is a friendly cafe bar. Its target group is mainly youngsters between 18 and 25.
The word void, although it carries an unhappy tone to it, was selected as a statement. The bar tries to fill in the void in
the nights of the youngsters of this certain age. As its main competitors, target bigger audiences.
– 2010
Behome's expertise is in interior styling; upholstery, fabrics, curtains and wallpapers. The shop was renamed to Behome,
when the youngest daughter of the family took over the business in 2010. Thus the profile of the youngest daughter - Elena,
was used a symbol. The lettering is in PF Regal text pro, giving the whole compostition a more classy look and feel.
the Hellenic Foundation for Culture
– 2014 / beetroot
Part of the renewal of the foundations identity, the logotype was redesigned. The previous one, featured also an owl. The owl
was used once again as the main theme but redesigned in a more contemporary way, more legible and scalable than the previous one.
12th International book fair of Thessaloniki
– 2015 / beetroot
In May 2015, the 12th International book fair of Thessaloniki took place in the city. Following the myth of Thessaloniki - the sister by marriage
of Alexander the Great, the symbol for the fair, depicts a mermaid (Thessaloniki) on top of a book. According to the myth, Thessaloniki who was
introduced to Alexander the Great after her mother married the father of Alexander, Fillipos, fell in love with her brother by marriage.
When she found out that he died, she drowned in the sea and turned into a mermaid. See the full project here.
Wine tourism in Drama
– 2013, proposal
In 2013, the perfecture of Drama, Greece announced an open competition for designing the identity and promotional pack on its wine tourism.
Drama has a great landscape, combining rivers, mountains, waterfalls, fields and of course the Greek sun. In an attempt to incorporate
all the natural characteristics of the area, this logo was designed - where a hand moves on taking a wine of glass straight out of Drama's soil.
The logo was rejected.
Xylo eyewear
– 2013 / collaboration with Nikos Athanasopoulos, Konstanina Gorgogianni
Xylo eyewear is a Greek crowdfunded eyewear company, located in Lagkada, Syros island - Greece, specialized in manufacturing eywear
out of wood. Wood in Greek is "ξύλο". By transcribing it straight to Latin, the word became the logo. It is designed to resemble arabic alphabet and also arabesque motifs of southern Spain. Please see the full project here
– 2015, proposal / collaboration with Stavros Kypraios
Wanderwell is a traver insurance company, located in USA. Its main goal is to provide all possible insurance, for any king of
traveller, hiker, mountaineer and nature lover. Mainly focused on hardcore travellers who seek the thrill and joy in non conformity standards.
Rumors bar
– 2013
For Rumors espresso & cocktails, a modern, geometric and “industrial” identity was created, to emphasize its architechtural
aesthetics and interior look. The symbol illustrates the spread of the rumors, as from its center spreads out the sides. See the full project here.
– 2015
Gospel espresso and cocktails bar, follows the dogma "religious attention to detail". By this quote, the staff of the bar, states its immense
attention to perfection, artisan skills and true commitment to quality. The keys symbolize the keys of the taste paradise, which are owned by
the Gospel barmen and baristas.
– 2015, developing by backpacker
Handpeak is a website dedicated to thematic/curated tours in Thessaloniki's creative industry. From luthiers and music producers, to designers, goldsmiths and fashion ateliers, handpeak introduces the new face of the city. Within the tours, arcaelogical and historical informations are provided
as well, making the tour a unique experience. The development and web app, was crafted by Giorgos Triantafyllakos ( - see more here.
the Cook
– 2015, proposal / beetroot
The Cook, is a homemade quality meal supplier, branch of albetta bakery in Thessaloniki. Quality meals, based on Greek cuisine
and many other mediterrenean styles of cooking, are being served within the premises of the albetta bakery in Ladadika.
Well & Co.
– 2015, proposal / collaboration with Stavros Kypraios
Well & co is a juice company in Oregon, USA. Part of our collaboration with the package design fo a new range of organic
and premium juices, was the design of the logotype as well. The fluid lettering and the freestyle of the type, indicates the
organic origins of the juices.
Pente Portes
– 2014 / beetroot

Pente Portes" is a Greek tavern which is foundations are based in the Meditteranean cuisine but the execution of the recipes rely
on the modern approach of cooking traditional greek dishes. Combining thus old with new, the retro approach serves as a bridge
between traditional, homemade quality food and the new habits surrounding the table manners. The exact same principal,
implies also on the logo, which follows the typographic lettering of the Greek 50's era of greek advertising. View the project here
– 2015 / beetroot
EiCare is a Swiss egg producer of free range eggs; raw and also boiled. As part of the package design of these two varieties of eggs,
the logo of the brand was designed to seem light, fresh, vivid and free. As the company's standards on free range farming is a crucial 
marketing point, the logo and pack followed the same path. See the full project here.
Third Wave
– 2014

The third wave of coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff,
like wine, rather than a commodity. In 2014, Third Wave espresso and cocktails bar, opened in Thessaloniki, incorporating
not only the name of the movement but the whole mindset of it. See th full project here
– 2015, proposal / beetroot
Artopia, was a proposed name and logo for a range of readymade bakery products based on Greek recipes.
The logo is the words artos (bread in Greek) and Utopia.
Paranoise webradio
– 2009
Paranoise radio, was probably the first freestyle webradio of norhtern Greece, launced in late 2008. Its producers were soon enough
located all over Europe (Leeds, Manchester, Thessaloniki, Athens, Xanthi etc) and its musical genres spanned from dubstep to rockabilly.
As a logo, two speakers were combined in a Venn diagramm, where in the middle, the naming appears as a link.
Sto Podi
– 2011
"Στο πόδι" is a Greek phrase wihich means that something was made in a hurry, rushing and it is a mediocre. Furhtermore the word "πόδι"
meaning foot, was actually the main element for the logo of the students cafe at the dept. of Products and Systems design engineering.
As a sarcastic scheme, this logo along its naming was soon adopted by the students community.
– 2011
Argillos is a traditional pottery shop in Ano Syros, Syros island - Greece. As a main symbol, a traditional motif was selected
and redesigned accordingly. The word "άργιλος" stands for clay in Greek
five eight
– 2015, redesign
Personal logo.
– 2012, proposal
Florina's is a beverage company from Florina, Greece producing sodas and other beverages from Xyno nero (naturally sparkling water
from nearby springs). In 2012, the labels on the bottles were redisgned and part of the proposal was also the logo. See the full project here
All work presented here is the work of Marios Georntamilis or of Phantom Design House, unless stated otherwise i.e. beetroot design group - whereas their copyrights belong to their owners
Selected logos 2009 - 2016

Selected logos 2009 - 2016

A selection of logos designed throughout 2009 - 2016. copyright fiveeight - unless stated otherwise.