As a part of the indiegogo campaign for Xylo eyewear, a series of unique handprinted posters were made to be used
as “perks”, in May 2013. The posters were printed in various papers (A3 size), mirrors, wooden boards with gold
and black ink.
After the screen with the ink, a second screen followed but with glue being the medium this time. The adhesive strip
that came up, was covered with sand from the beaches of Syros island and wood chips from the eyewear workshop.
Finally, a scrap part of eyewear frame, was glued on top – completing thus the concept; when you purchase something from Xylo eyewear, it is a true part of its mindset, land and efforts – this makes everyone of us a part of the history.
Tind preparing the papers
Sorting the papers by color
Legendary printer, Chrisanthos testing the screen for additional patches on the emulsion
Tind, masking the strip for the ink pass
"Error is superior to art"
Printing process
Resting on the racks
Prints on a mirror
The "official perk" stamp. We stamped every single poster (75 A3 papers, 10 wooden boards, 10 mirrors)
Yes...we stamped manually also on the paper leftovers for some extra "official perk" labels dor other products of the crowdfunding campaign
Testing the final outcome
Pouring sand which came from Vari beach - Syros island, GR
Scattering woodchips from the eywear workshop in Syros island
One of the posters printed on gold paper
Detailed view of the message and the glued part of the wooden frame
A selection of posters. Some posters were dyed in organic pigment for a more vintage and handmade look
illustration: Marios Georntamilis
production designer: Nikos Athanasopoulos
silkscreen: Tind
photographer: Mike Theodorakis
client: Xylo eyewear
year: 2013

Thank you
Xylo indiegogo posters