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IONIQ 5 - Unreal Engine 5

Me and my brother Tyreik Pennicooke spent a weekend creating a beautiful visualizer for the 현대 아이오닉 5 Hyundai IONIQ 5. This car is absolutely amazing! If anyone want's to buy me one please contact me! 

Thank you!

This is a path trace render on a:
Intel Core i7 10700 @ 2.90GHz & GeForce RTX 2060 (NVIDIA)

Rendered in Unreal Engine 5 with Movie Render Que. 

This is the only console command used!
r.ScreenPercentage 200

If you want to see more breakdowns please give a shout! 

Left - Straight out of Unreal & Right - Edited in Photoshop

Concept: Akeem Pennicooke
CG Lead: Akeem Pennicooke
Look Development: Akeem & Tyreik Pennicooke 
3D Modeling, UV Layout, Texture Set, Retopology : Tyreik Pennicooke

Rendering: Unreal Engine 5
Retopology: Autodesk Maya, UV
Post Production: Photoshop 2021
3D Car Model: HUM 4D
HDRI: https://polyhaven.com


IONIQ 5 - Unreal Engine 5

IONIQ 5 - Unreal Engine 5