Gratitude - linoprint

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  • Linoprint 'Gratitude'
    Somehow I felt the urge to make a big linocut. Being fond of type and (hand) lettering, I chose a word. I think the word 'Gratitude' is appropriate for this size, which is: 750 x 500 mm (29,5 x 19,6 inch). Actually the word 'Gratitude' could use a much bigger size, but there you go. I don't know why, but these days it seems hard for a lot of people to just say 'thank you'. Even though it'll make any person feel good. 
    In the end I made 7 two-toned linoprints. I like to keep one for myself, so the others are for sale for a mere € 150,- per print (plus shipping).
  • After trying lots of different things, different styles, I went for this small piece written down w/ a brush pen.
  • Vectorizing
  • Tracing
  • The linocut
  • Mixing the first color.
  • The very first print.
  • Mixing the second color (deep dark brown)