Spam - Figgy Pudding
3D Motion
After Effects
Spam - Figgy Pudding

By invitation of BBDO Minneapolis, I was commissioned to create this Christmas Spot for the world's beloved brand, Spam.

Inspired by a very old and classic Christmas movie, to bring people's affective memory to life, this project aimed to make a full CGI spot that looked like a stop-motion puppet.

-    2D Concept   -
-    3D Modelling    -
-    Lookdev   -
The bigger challenge on a project like this is to work with multiple software and build a pipe that is strong and reliable enough to handle the expectations. All characters were modeled in Zbrush. Then rigged and animated in Maya to receive the final lookdev and hair in Cinema 4D, using Redshift and Substance Painter. The snow was simulated using x-particles.

-    Style Frames   -
Full Credits

Direction and Executive Production: Daniel Barros
Art Direction: Fabiana Fukui
Concept 2D: Bruno Jacob
Lead Lookdev: Lamek Felix
Lookdev: Daniel Barros, Rodrigo Lescano, Alexandre Bucsky, Guilherme Vasconcellos
Animation: Daniel Barros, Igor Machado, Fabio Pugliese, Bruna Camporezi, Pedro Medeiros, Isaque Oliveira
X-Particles Simulation: Lamek Felix, Daniel Barros
Hair and Grooming: Rodrigo Lescano, Alex Bucsky
Modeling: Bruce William, Guilherme Vasconcellos, Daniel Barros, Lamek Felix, Victor Yamakado
Rigging: Henrique Ribeiro, Felipe Gimenes
3D Assistant: Vicente Correia
Render: Garage Farm, Ranch Computing, Chris Peregon
Edit: Bruno Kitazato
Comp and Post: Daniel Barros
Agency: BBDO Minneapolis
President & CEO: Neil White
CCO: Laura Fegley
Creative Director: Taylor Snyder
Associate Creative Director: Mathew Cermak
Senior Art Director: Meghan Rongitsch
Group Account Director: Ali Siviter
Account Director: Keely Herron
Account Supervisor: Eric VanderVorste
Senior Producer: Peter McLarnan
Client: Hormel Foods
Music: The Hifi Project
Spam - Figgy Pudding