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    Mirari's Art Shop
We are Mirari&Co, we design beautiful motion artworks, now we want to turn our digital art into physical forms and share with you all!
What is this project about?
Our passion to design has been widely recognized, and we are encouraged by lots of people who like our works. Therefore, we came across the idea of building an online art shop, to physically share our artworks with more people.What people can get from the shop are Mirari’s original digital artworks in physical forms, eg. 2D prints on Canvas /poster, 3D printed models and many other possibilities.
The animation short film on top is one of our signature pieces named SHIFT. Inspired by traditional Chinese Peking Opera characters and Spanish surrealism, the idea of this piece is to combine two diverse culture senses into one experimental visual piece. We have extracted the best parts of the piece, re-designed them and spiced up with meaningful Kanji written by a  calligrapher in China, then put them into a set of illustration artworks, printed on canvas and poster.
If you Liked our work, please help us to turn it into something bigger, to find out more info or
preorder art works please visit the link below.
Kickstarter        https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1990822386/miraris-art-shop
- Saint (聖) The Character named Sun Wukong also known as Monkey King is the main character in famous ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West. The Monkey King possesses an immense amount of strength. He can lift 8000kg weight, traveling 54,000 km in one somersault and knows 72 transformations. He was granted a title of ‘Qi Tian Da Sheng’, which means a ‘Saint’ whose grandness is equal to heaven.
- Thunder (雷) The character named Zhang Fei is a general, served Lord Liu Bei in Three Kingdom period of ancient China. He was well known as a mighty warrior capable of fighting thousands of enemies. ‘Thunder’ is the best description of this Character.