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BubbleVR (UI/XR Design)

BubbleVR is a prototype and a concept for an amazing video-conferencing tool that is changing the game in remote work: Meet On Bubble
Check their website and get access:  
It's an amazing startup! I love it!

Video-conferencing is dramatically evolving, and is at the center of innovation and evolution in this market.

This VR/MR concept was built in order to test an hypothesis about video-conferencing and immersive collaboration tools that highly integrates 2D experiences with 3D applications, using as a benchmark the tools provided by the following companies: Hololens and Microsoft Dynamic 365, HTC, Oculus (Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro)

For this project I used the following tools:
1. Figma: I used it to build the UI and the interactions
2. 3D for XR (Figma Plugin): It changes the depth of 2D assets (applied in a screenshot from a Bubble Meeting)
3. DraftXR (Figma Plugin): A great WebVR tool to test assets from a Figma Prototype
4. ShapesXR (Virtual Reality Prototyping tool): The ultimate XR Prototyping app
Don't forget to check the videos at the end of the presentation :)
If you know Bubble (MeetOnBubble) you know that it's an immersive video-conferencing application for browsers (it works great on Mobiles as well).

My first challenge was to extract the operational flow and Information Architecture from the App to build the XR experience, bringing the sense of 'Continuity' in the best possible way, but with the limitations of a 3D environment. 

My second (and most important) challenge was to create a 3D experience where Bubble could show its value as a collaborative tool that communicates a 3D experience with the 'browser-experience' (2D). 

So here is the premisse I decided to go with: To turn BubbleVR into an extension for immersive collaboration. So people inside a Bubble Meeting can add 3D assets while people with VR (or AR/MR) headsets in the meeting (in this case Josh Barnett, an Avatar) can access and check these assets with everybody in the video-conference. 

In this case, you can assume that the people in the meeting are testing a 3D Model of a Chair. So Josh Barnett is communicating with everyone inside the Bubble Room (you can see his Avatar) but in the VR App he is not only seeing and talking to everyone in the Bubble Room, but also seeing a 3D asset in VR (and also MR/AR, (check the ShapesXR pictures), which can be applicable for Engineering and Architecture and etc.

A Bubble meeting inside a VR experience 
Seeing a 3D model inside a VR Room. See that while you're talking to people as an Avatar, you're seeing a 3D model.
Placing the 3D model on the side while having your conversation
Below you can see the scenes created on ShapesXR
Here are the videos - I hope you like it!
BubbleVR (UI/XR Design)


BubbleVR (UI/XR Design)