Black and Decker 100 Year Anniversary RFP
In 2009, our team was asked to ideate some concepts and tactics for Black & Decker's 100 Year Anniversary and how it could play out in a major retailer. Research showed a strong Do It Yourself movement across all categories. Since Black & Decker has such a wide range of products, it was an easy translation for their brand.

Concept write up:
Before, you’d just swing through the drive-thru for a $4 caffeinated treat. Before, you paid $40 a week for lawn service. Before, you’d pay someone else to install the new faucet in the kitchen sink. But that was before. Now, you’re looking for ways to make your dollar stretch further. And you’re discovering that you can do it yourself. You can have your latte, your manicured lawn and your remodeled kitchen because you have Black & Decker.
It’s DIY redefined.