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    Web site for the Herbal Essences Spice - Sensuously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner.
Herbal Essences Spice - Sensuously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner.
Web site is made for Arabian users, but there also an English version.

Before you enter web site, a short intro will tell you about the quest.

Herbal Essences Spice (HES) website is presented as a Far East streetbazaar. The place where ancient secrets and traditions are revealed… :)
You must explore the bazaar on your quest to find HES SPICE.  Along theway, your will have experiences that will challenge, entertain andeducate you about product attributes and benefits.

Full Bazaar view.

Characters for web site sections: Hairstyle Salon, Herbs and Spices trader, Game corner, Asian Healer.

Web site consist of few tests and a mini game.Completing tests is displaying at “quest status” panel.

After completeing of all tests and game you can register and get a free sample of shampoo (for Arabian users only).

Also you can watch a TVC, download screensaver, and few wallpapers.

Credits:Project director, Flash design/animation, flash programming - Vitaliy Onishenko
Design - Oleg Kostyuk ( theOleg )
Flash programming - Andrew Ermeneu
Character design - st. Valentin
Sound producer, sound fx creation - Alex Orel
Voiceover artist - Jessica WachsmanCMG manager - Karina Melikdzhanyan

Convergent Media Group ( CMG )
Creative brief, idea, site concept, scenario, copywriting, requirements specification - Convergent Media Group

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