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Earth´s Own
Motion Graphics
I was very lucky to work together with the agency Haberman for this super fun project for Earth´s Own plant based drinks.
The idea was to create a series of videos featuring their main products together with their ingredients in a playful and colorful way, aligned with the brands corporate image.
My approach was to mix different techniques using stop motion as a base, but adding bits of life action and a touch of line animation.
I teamed up with Pangur Animation Studio to create these magical pieces full of craft and magic where oats and almonds come to life to communicate their commitment with the environment.
Oat by Oat, Almond by Almond
Best Tasting
 The Trickle Up
Stills pulled from the videos
Behind The Scenes

Directed by: Paloma Rincón @paloma_rincon_
E.P. Elyse Sara / Canteen @canteen_works
Production (Spain): Luis Delgado / The Mushroom Co.  @themushroomcompany

Stop Motion: Pangur Animation @pangur_animation_studio
Head of Animation: Vicente Mallols
Pangur Production: Leticia Montalvá
D.O.P. StopMotion: Pablo Muñoz
Art Direction and Props: Ivan Madolell
Animator: Sergio Lara

Live Action:
D.O.P. Thiago Quadrado @thithi_ago
A.C: Andy Pulido
DIT: Miguel Benajes
Video Assist: Jaime Giner
Gaffer: Alberto Gutierrez
Spark: Alex
Models: Whitney, Alex Giner, María Cumana
Nails: Estefanía González

Postproduction: Vicente Mallols / Cesar Iglesias
Color Grading: Thiago Quadrado

Agency: Haberman 
Client: Earth´s Own

Thanks so much for your appreciations! 

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Earth´s Own

Earth´s Own

A mix media campaign for Earth´s Own plant based drinks. We used mainly stop motion and then combined with live action and some line animation.