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    not smart, genius


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    As we endlessly move into the future, our dreams about it along with it's brightness fade out into
    a complex, stressful reality. We haven't yet found how to take true advantage of technology's benefits. 
    Somehow technology managed to further increase complexity in our lives and so the more the gadgets the more the fuzz. 

    Companies now try to stick everything inside  a watch and they end up with a complicated design offering a crappy experience. There is an alternative to this. An object both useful and attractive, designed without exaggerations. Our simple formula: A primitive shape accompanied with an innovating and elegant user interface.

    Rolled around your wrist like a watch. So accessible to you and yet so easy to forget it even exists. 


  •   Sychronization

      Cyclus™ perfectly synchronises with your smartphone to provide you with the things
      that really matter to you.
     Cyclus is a clock rolled around your wrist, a personal assistant helping
      you track your fitness and an interpreter to your smartphone. Nothing more. 
      You can’t write an email, call or multitask in such a small device because we simple don’t want
      you to go crazy. Cyclus™ is about the small things. For everything else you have a smartphone   
      right in your pocket.


    Genius, not smart.

    You might have noticed the characteristic twist people do in order to see the time. It derives from the fact that,  when your hand is in it’s natural position, you can’t directly see the top of it. A small second screen placed strategically in the rear side of Cyclus™ gives you a direct view and there is a reason about that. 

    You don’t want anyone to know what you are up to. Either you want to check the time or get a sneak preview of the type of notification just received there is this small screen facing you rather than the people around  you. If you decide you want to see more just twist your hand. The main screen will activate automatically and  give you a better view. You can of course have the main screen constant on, when anything happens but you  will actually be the last one who finds out what it is.

  • Idea, direction & UI
    Odysseas Gp

    Product design

    Thanos Pappas

    Mihalis Ioannidis
    3D Photography
    George Telis
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