Microbus Project

                                                This is a tribute to the chaos maker
                                                          the number one means of time blowing and saving
                                                                        the one and only : The Microbus

                                      Either you arrive in one piece, or none at all.


"The Cutie eats Fuel"
Slang commonly said by microbus drivers in Egypt

At the Bus stop, you can see all sort of Society types.

"Up to something or are you going home?"
It's more of a flirt line that actually FAILS to deliever any flirtation,
commonly used by teenagers and drivers
Arabic Typography

"Envy struck me and the lord saved me"
Slang used as a sticker on bus windows
Line art Style.
Your daily box of transportation: Enjoy the ride.
Doodle Style
The morning monster and the early people.